Should you put your tv in front of a window -

If you think you want to put your TV in front of a window and you’re starting to do your research, you may have found some conflicting opinions.

The bottom line, which we will explain further below, is that it is indeed safe to place a modern TV in front of a window.

However, it may not be the most ideal location for several different reasons.

Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of putting TVs in front of windows, and then decide for yourself if it’s something you still want to do.

Is It Okay to Put TVs in Front of Windows

Some common concerns about positioning a TV in front of a window are whether:

  • The TV will be damaged by drafts or moisture
  • If the television will overheat
  • Whether glare from the window will make it hard to watch TV

The first thing to know is that placing your TV or any other electronic device in front of a window does not mean that the device will be damaged.

Well-sealed windows do not let moisture or drafts into the room, so they won’t affect your TV.

Although if your windows do not do a good job of keeping out the elements, this is something that will need to be addressed before you put any electronics in front of the windows.

Plus it will make your house much more comfortable!).

If they cannot be repaired or replaced right now and you still want to put your TV in front of the windows, you can hang insulated curtains or drapes.

These type of drapes are no substitute for a solid, properly installed window, but they will block out some of the drafts and other weather-related issues.

Next, it is unlikely that a modern TV will overheat if placed in front of a window. Televisions made today emit much less heat than older tube TVs.

Still, it makes sense to take precautions.

Be sure that the vents at the back of the TV are not blocked and that there is plenty of space for air to circulate.

In other words, don’t put the television too close to the wall, window or curtains.

You can also aim a small fan at the back of the TV.

You should also avoid putting too many electronics together in a small space.

This applies whether that space is in front of a window or not, of course, but it’s especially important when your TVs are in a smaller area.

It may also be a good idea not to run your TV constantly. The whole Netflix and Chill thing is overrated anyway.

First of all, this will help your TV last longer.

It will also allow your television to cool down between uses to help prevent overheating.

Finally, and this is most people’s biggest concern when it comes to putting your TV in front of a window is the dreaded glare on your screen.

No one wants their favorite show or movie to be altered by any glaring issues – see what I did there…

Keep in mind that not all windows produce glare. If you set up your TV in front of a shaded window, it is likely you won’t encounter any issues at all.

But if you do experience glare, you could install shades or drapes that block the light and reduce the glare.

You could also install frosted window films if you do not want to hang curtains.

Best Ways to Put a TV in Front of a Window

If you have decided that you are comfortable placing your TV in front of a window, there are a few ways that you can do this.

You can put your TVs…

  • In or on a freestanding entertainment center
  • On a mount
  • In a cabinet with a TV lift

Placing your television in an entertainment center may shade the screen from glare and the heat from the sun.

It can also help keep other electronic devices, such as video games or recorders, distanced from the TV to prevent possible overheating.

Mounting your TV from the ceiling also creates cooling space behind the TV.

Since most mounts swivel, it also gives you options to reposition the TV to avoid glare.

Many walls with windows do not have enough actual wall space to mount the TV.

So installing a mount on the ceiling is a great way to keep your TV safe and secure even in front of a window.

Lastly, you could consider a TV lift. These allow you to conceal the television inside a thin cabinet and then “lift” the TV out when you’re ready to watch it.

When you have a TV lift cabinet in front of your window, it doesn’t block any natural light.

It also shields the TV screen when it’s not in use, which helps it last longer.

Wrapping It Up…

While it may not be considered optimal to place a TV in front of a window, you might not have a choice.

Luckily, we now know that it’s okay to position your television in front of a window, and there are plenty of ways to do it easily.