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If you’ve invested in artificial grass for your yard, you may be wondering if you can put outdoor furniture on your artificial grass.

After all, what’s the point of having a lush, green lawn if you can’t sit outside to admire it?

The good news is that yes – in most cases you can put outdoor furniture on your artificial grass along with plenty of other lawn adornments.

Read on to learn more…

Outdoor Furniture on an Artificial Lawn

You can probably use your favorite outdoor furniture on your newly installed artificial grass.

The grass should be thick and durable, which will help it stand up to the use of most lawn furniture.

The two things that you need to be concerned about are size and sharpness.

Most lawn furniture is not sharp; it’s furniture, after all, and no one wants to relax in a chair that has sharp edges!

Still, it’s something that you should be careful with.

Some outdoor furniture does have sharp corners or sharper areas where the pieces are joined. These sharp edges can tear your artificial grass, and unlike organic grass, it won’t grow back.

It would help if you also kept in mind the weight of the furniture you want to use.

High-quality artificial grass acts much like carpet. This means that if you temporarily put down a heavy table for a party, the artificial grass will spring back almost immediately.

But if you leave a swing set, trampoline, deck box filled with garden tools, or any other heavy object on the artificial grass for too long, it will leave dents.

You should consider rearranging your lawn and moving heavy things every few months to let the artificial turf recover.

What Else is Safe to Put on Artificial Grass

You may be surprised just how sturdy your new artificial grass is!

Some of the many things that it can stand up to include…

Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs

These may be problematic because of the weight, as described above, but you should know that your modern artificial grass is unaffected by chlorine and the other chemicals needed to keep pools and spas sanitary.

Your grass also won’t get muddy like real grass will.

Kids and Pets

Artificial turf lawns are very family-friendly, including four-legged family members.

Kids can play on artificial grass lawns without any concern and also without any allergies!

Artificial grass is an excellent surface for children’s play furniture such as slides and swings since it’s stable, soft, and bouncy.

You also don’t have to worry about your artificial grass when it comes to pets.

You just pick up droppings as you usually would, and if you feel the need, you can wash your artificial turf with a mild detergent solution.

What is NOT Safe to Put on Artificial Turf

Artificial grass is acceptable for outdoor furniture and all members of your family, but there are a few things that you should avoid – or at least be very careful of – if you want to keep your newly laid lawn looking great.

These include…


Most artificial grass has been treated to be flame-retardant, which means that your lawn and your house won’t burn down because of careless ash.

However, the artificial fibers could melt and this can ruin the look of your yard.

Not smoking is best for everyone, of course, but if you or your guests smoke outside, make sure that plenty of ashtrays are available – and, ideally, a bottle or two of water to extinguish any sparks quickly.

BBQ Grills

As you just learned above, smoldering coals will not burn your lawn but might melt it.

Not to mention, barbecue food is a little greasy – which is why it is so good!, and grease is not healthy for artificial lawns.


Don’t park cars or trucks on your artificial grass. The tread on the tires will rip and tear at the fibers that make up the artificial lawn, and unlike real grass, they will not grow back.

The vehicle’s weight is likely to leave indentations in the grass, especially if it is parked for some time.

If those weren’t enough reasons, any oil or fluid that drips from the vehicle could discolor the grass, which you likely won’t notice happening until you drive the car away, and then it’s too late.

Reflected Light

Natural sunlight and standard outdoor lights are fine.

Your artificial grass will not melt, and since it’s designed for outdoor use, it has been fabricated to withstand UV rays even in the middle of summer.

But light reflected from your windows is magnified many times over, which can singe the artificial grass.

Chewing Gum

The gum itself is not likely going to damage your artificial lawn. But it’s sticky, and pulling at it to remove it can tear the grass.

Use a plastic knife to remove the gum if you can or, if the weather cooperates, wait for it to freeze and then chip it off.

Now that you know more about what you can and can’t put on artificial grass go relax on your outdoor furniture relishing in the fact you don’t have to mow this type of lawn!